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By purchasing this special offer, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL course features as they become available.

You'll get access to the full GET MY FIRST GIG video course which includes: 

  • How EXACTLY to get your first gig as a freelancer, even with ZERO experience
  • The method I used to make $70,400 in my first year as a freelancer working just 15-20 hours a week
  • The "2-1-3" Method and how you can use it to actually get PAID to improve your skills
  • How to take advantage of a client GOLDMINE. Get hired the EASY way -- NO cold outreach and no experience necessary
  • A counter-intuitive strategy that gets clients BEGGING to hire you, even when other freelancers are trying for the same business!
  • How to create an online profile that stands out and paints you as a professional in your field
  • The keys to spotting BAD clients early, and making sure you only work with FUN, EASY, and PROFITABLE ones
  • How to get 5-Star reviews and testimonials from EVERY client you work with
  • A simple way to leverage the psychology of "Perceived Value" to get clients to pay you MORE money, even with little to no experience
  • The importance of establishing SCOPE, and how it guarantees happy clients and sets you apart from the competition
  • How to ALWAYS deliver work on time, even if you have no idea how long it will take you
  • The easy way to make $100s or $1,000s of extra income every single month and finally stop worrying so much about money

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  • EXCLUSIVE interviews with successful freelancers who have made $10,000, $100,000, and $1,000,000 in their field
  • Downloadable PDFs, Cheat Sheets, and Worksheets
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"I recently took this fantastic course, which was not only easy to understand but also provided just the right amount of content to help me feel prepared for my first gig. "

-Remi L.

"I was thinking about freelancing but needed to figure out where to start. I was stuck in the mentality of studying, studying, studying, but the webinar helped me understand that it is time to jump and just do it. Very helpful, thank you!"

-Adrian R.